Our services


During the development of the company, we opened a production plant with an area of 1200 m2 and a new administrative building. We constantly invest in the modernization and expansion of our production facilities, with the aim of improving our production capacity and efficiency.

We have a set of machines for modern sheet metal and steel production and processing, including plasma CNC and automatic spiro machines (manufacturers Spiro, Wammes, Sente and others).

The company has a modern fleet and all the necessary equipment for the installation of the KGH system in all conditions.

Some of our products are:
1. Ventilation ducts for air distribution, square and round, for ventilation and air conditioning systems. We make ventilation ducts from galvanized, aluminum, cold-rolled and stainless steel sheets, all depending on the need and purpose.
If necessary, we insulate the channels with different types of thermal, acoustic and protective insulation. We also produce all types of fan-shaped ventilation elements, suspension and assembly elements for ventilation and duct distribution systems.
2. Distribution and regulation elements, filters, silencers, kitchen hoods:

• External fixed anti-draught blinds, painted in the required RAL colors.
• Floating/gravitational blinds, facade and channel versions.
• Distribution connection boxes/plenums for all types of diffusers and grids.
• Manual air flow regulators.
• Channel silencers, and various other solutions in the field of solving noise problems in KGH systems.
• Filter cassettes, sections and housings
• Protective insulation from aluminum sheet of all types and dimensions of hot and cold water pipelines, steam pipes, boiler rooms and reservoirs.
• Kitchen aluminum extractor hoods with anti-grease filters and suspension material. Industrial hoods and work tables.


Since 2020, the company has been successfully working on the German market, where we export our products for Siemens and General Electric projects. The end user locations of our products are USA, Germany, Hong Kong, Peru, Russia, Thailand, Uzbekistan.

We manufacture products according to strict DIN and EU standards, and we have successfully passed all previous controls and audits by our investors. In addition to the above, our products found their way to the markets of Great Britain, Sweden, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo and other countries.


We perform installation installation services in the field of ventilation and air conditioning, refrigeration technology and insulation activities.

Our team, which consists of experienced engineers, technical managers and installers, using the most modern methods and tools, is ready to respond quickly and qualitatively to all tasks.
which are placed before him.

Technically correct and standardized installation guarantees correct and efficient operation of the KGH system.

During assembly, we strictly adhere to the prescribed procedures and recommendations of the equipment manufacturer and technical standards. Upon completion of the works, we regulate and balance the system, and prove the parameters with all the necessary measurements (air speed, air temperature, relative humidity, noise). When installing installations, we take care to install equipment from renowned global manufacturers such as: Systemair, Helios, Flaktwoods, Lindab, Trox, Klimaoprema, Wolf, Climatech, Aera, Vortice, Siemens, Schneider Electric, Honeywell, Daikin, LG, Carrier and many others. other.


We offer the services of “turn-key” solutions, which refers to the overall management of the project, its design, installation, and later maintenance, service and validation.

In the entire cycle, maintenance and servicing of the ventilation and air conditioning system is very important, with the aim of achieving the longest working life of the installations and better performance characteristics.

We provide the following services:

• Regular and extraordinary servicing of ventilation and air conditioning systems: mechanical and chemical cleaning of fans, exchangers, chambers, and other elements. System functionality review and testing.
• Regular inspection, monitoring and service of the automatic regulation system of the KGH system.
• Sale and replacement of all types of filters for ventilation and air conditioning systems. We produce all types of pre-filters, and we are authorized representatives of the renowned global company Setfil Istanbul. We offer all types of filters and classes, for all purposes of space (hospitals, pharmacies, industry, hotels, shopping centers, etc.).
• Disinfection of ventilation equipment, ducts and the very spaces where people stay. In exclusive cooperation with the world’s leading manufacturer of equipment for this purpose, Teinova Spain, from 2020 we offer the most modern innovative equipment Ozoair and Fogair. With this equipment, we disinfect and remove bacteria, viruses, and odors. After the completed works, we make reports with swabs taken from the treated surfaces. We also offer thermal aerosolization services for the complete KGH system.
• We provide consulting, engineering and monitoring services during the working life of the KGH system.
• We provide measurement and validation services for all parameters of the KGH system.


We sell various types of equipment for ventilation and air conditioning systems, with a large warehouse in Sarajevo. As long-term collaborators of world-renowned companies such as Helios, Systemair, Klimaoprema, Aera and many others, we sell the following products:

• All types of fans
• Recuperator units
• Air conditioning chambers with automatic systems
• Humidifiers and air dehumidifiers, equipment for pool ventilation systems
• Distribution and regulation elements
• Vapor barrier and sound insulation
• Fire fighting equipment

We also offer the most modern systems of automatic regulation and control of KGH systems.

Our partner companies are Siemens, Schneider Electric, Carel and Honeywell.

As an authorized representative of one of the world’s largest manufacturers of filters for ventilation systems, Setfil Istanbul, we offer:

• Filter cloths of all classes
• Panel filters
• Bag filters
• Carbon and anti-grease filters for hoods
• Rigid panel filters
• W compact filters
• Hepa/Epa/Ulpa absolute filters
• Filter units, ceiling diffusers with Hepa filtration, etc.
• Filter housings and frames

We also offer design and engineering for the production of filtration systems. We also offer different types of professional air purifiers, with a high degree of filtration, UV lamps, low noise level during operation, and smart control systems.