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Prunus is honored to be part of the BIH delegation at the largest fair in the world

One&Only Gorillas Nest Lodge Rwanda

We are proud of our largest foreign project to date – One&Only Gorilla’s Nest Lodge Rwanda, the best-rated hotel in Africa.

100% Made in B&H.

Ventilation of kitchens and restaurants

The most modern ventilation systems for your catering establishments and kitchens.

Ventilacija i odimljavanje garaža

Napredna tehnologija za protupožarnu sigurnost parking garažnih mjesta.

Modern design

In cooperation with architects and investors, we adapt our systems to the desired look of the interior. We follow world trends and create our systems according to them!

Air conditioning and ventilation of clean spaces

Ventilation of all types of medical and pharmaceutical Cleanroom areas. Installation of the ventilation system for the entire Central Medical Block and other facilities within the KCUS.


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Kasindolska 77
Ilidža – Sarajevo


Our services

We offer design and installation services for heating, air conditioning and ventilation, technical control of project documentation, supervision during the construction of thermotechnical installations and technical reception. The services can be used for all public spaces, from kitchens, garages, hotels and the like.

  • Design of all types of KGH systems for all types of facilities
  • Technical preparation
  • Engineering, work supervision and system validation

During the development of the company, we opened a production plant with an area of 1200 m2 and a new administrative building. We constantly invest in the modernization and expansion of our production facilities, with the aim of improving our production capacity and efficiency.

  • Ventilation ducts for air distribution
  • Distribution and regulation elements
  • Filters
  • Noise suppressors
  • Kitchen hoods

We sell various types of equipment for ventilation and air conditioning systems, with a large warehouse in Sarajevo. We have the following products for sale:

  • All types of fans
  • Recuperator units
  • Air conditioning chambers with automatic systems
  • Air humidifiers and dehumidifiers, equipment for pool ventilation systems
  • Distribution and regulation elements
  • Vapor barrier and sound insulation
  • Fire fighting equipment

As part of its services, it offers the installation and installation of KGH systems for all types of buildings using the most modern equipment and assembly procedures. Assembly procedures are carried out with the use of high standards of safety measures and equipment for work protection.

  • Installation of all types of KGH systems for all purposes of buildings
  • Installing a ventilation filter
  • Installation of the most modern equipment for KGH systems
  • Installation of medical gas systems
  • Service and maintenance of all types and capacities of KGH systems
  • Service and maintenance of existing systems. Improving the functionality of old systems
  • Delivery of all types of filters for ventilation systems
  • Disinfection of ventilation systems and spaces with the most modern Ozoair and Fogair equipment

Selected projects

HEEZ restaurant and garage

Period: 2021 – 2022

Facility: Heez  Building

Location: Tuzla, B&H

Bistrik railway station

Period: 2021

Facility: Bistrik railway station

Location: Sarajevo, B&H

One&Only Gorilla's Nest Lodge

Period: 2018 – 2020

Facility: One&Only Gorilla’s Nest

Location: Rwanda

Terme Ozren

Period: 2021 – 2022

Facility: Terme Ozren Petrovo

Location: Ozren, B&H


Period: 2020

Facility: Brovis

Location: Visoko, B&H

VW factory Sarajevo, hall 7

Period: 2021 – 2022

Facility:  VW hall 7

Location: Sarajevo, B&H

Quality policy

• Quality

Provide safety and quality to all investors with high quality products and technical services.

• Improvement

Constantly strive to improve the production program and services, as well as the education of employees.


•  Trends

Follow trends in standards and norms for thermotechnical installations, and cooperate with renowned global manufacturers of equipment for mechanical installations.



+387 33 781 750
+387 33 695 168

Kasindolska 77
Ilidža – Sarajevo