Larger projects in 2012 / 2013


1. KCUS, CMB 06th and 07th floors, Investor: Butmir d.o.o. Sarajevo
Production and installation of 8,000 m2 of ventilation ducts, installation of ventilation equipment.
Installation of 10 OP laminar ceilings – manufacturer Weiss Germany.

2. KCUS, CMB 04 floor, Investor: Sintal d.o.o. Sarajevo
The ventilation and air conditioning system of the Pet/CT Department of Nuclear Medicine, Therapy, electrical room and other accompanying areas,
Delivery and installation of 7 air conditioning cabinets, 2 air conditioning chambers, 1,500 m2 of ventilation ducts and other ventilation equipment.

3. Federal Institute for Agriculture Sarajevo, Investor: Unigradnja d.d. Sarajevo
The ventilation and air conditioning system of the laboratory, amphitheater and other accompanying areas,
4 air conditioning chambers, 1,000 m2 of ventilation ducts, a complete laboratory ventilation system with control of the pressure difference compared to the environment.

4. Abdulah Nakaš General Hospital, Investor: Miprogradnja d.o.o. Elijah
The air conditioning and ventilation system of the radiology area.

5. KCUS Hemodialysis, Investor: ITC d.o.o. Zenica
Space ventilation system.

6. Abdulah Nakaš CT General Hospital, Investor: Siemens Sarajevo
Delivery and installation of cooling unit for CT machine.

7. Orašje County Hospital, Investor Cleanroom Tech. Austria.
Installation of the laminar operating ceiling in two operating theatres.

8. Laboratories Bihać, Bijeljina, Foča and Banja Luka, Investor: Visak d.o.o. Mostar (UNDP BiH projects)
System of mechanical installations.

9. Laboratories MDR and BSL Podhrastovi, Investor: Sintal d.o.o./Unigradnja d.d. (UNDP BiH projects)
Laboratory ventilation system.

10. ŠSM Kovači, Investor: Miprogradnja d.o.o. Elijah
The ventilation system of the amphitheater and accompanying spaces,
500 m2 of ventilation ducts, other equipment for air distribution.

11. Gallery Srebrenica Sarajevo, Investor: Plintherm d.o.o. Sarajevo
Ventilation and air conditioning system of the gallery and accompanying spaces.

12. Institute for alcoholism and other drug addictions Sarajevo, Investor: Miprogradnja d.o.o. Elijah
The ventilation system of the entire facility.

13. Toll booths: Bilješevo, Drivuša and Zviriči, Investor: ITC d.o.o. Pupil
The ventilation system of the entire facility.

14. ASA Restaurant Sarajevo, Investor: HMI Sarajevo
Ventilation, air conditioning and heating of the entire building.

15. Garage ventilation: Jablanica (Inv. Babić d.o.o. Jablanica), Sarajevo (Inv. Cet‐bah d.o.o. Sarajevo), SPO Socijalno (TI/Butmir).

16. Unit ventilation: Investor Energoinvest SUE: Turkish Embassy, Vogošća, Hotel Aura Srebrenica.

17. Unit ventilation: Investor: Megamarkt d.o.o. Mostar
Markets: Grbavica, Pofalići, Alipašino Polje, Marijin dvor.

18. Service and toner filling plant, Investor: Bet live Vitez
Ventilation system.

19. BH Telekom – administrative building in Sarajevo, Investor: Unioninvest d.o.o. Sarajevo
Creation of ventilation ducts.

20. Laboratories Podhrastovi, MDR and BSL, Investor: Unigradnja d.d. Sarajevo/UNDP projects.
Ventilation systems of the laboratory and accompanying spaces.

21. Administrative building of Boreas d.o.o. Kreševo in Sarajevo.
Space ventilation system.

22. Administrative building of the company Granoff in Vogošća.
Ventilation and air conditioning.

23. Pobjeda Goražda/ KM trade.
Ventilation of the production area.

24. Bakery MBA Vogošća.
Ventilation of restaurants, meeting rooms and production areas.