Production of ventilation ducts and ventilation accessories

Prunus production plant spreads on the surface of 1000 m2. It contains the most recent production line which is operated by qualified staff. Some of our products are:

  • Ventilation ducts with square and round program, for HVAC systems, with all duct elements (reduction, T-pieces, bends etc), fastening, sealing and suspension materials. We make our ventilation ducts from zinc-coated, aluminum, black steel sheets and stainless steel, depending on demand and purpose.
  • Distributive and regulation elements for ventilation systems:
  • External louvres/grilles with fixed and movable blades,
  • distributive connecting plenums for various diffusers and grilles,
  • manual air flow regulators,
  • duct silencers,
  • all kind of filters for ventilation systems.
  • Protective mechanical isolation made of aluminum sheets for all kinds and dimensions of pipelines for hot and cold water, steamlines, boilers, reservoirs etc.
  • Aluminum hoods for kitchens with anti grease filters and  suspension materials.

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