Installation of HVAC systems

Our team, which is assembled of experienced engineers, technical managers, operators and assemblers, using advanced methods and tools is ready to respond to all assigments in a fast and high quality matter.

Technically correct and standardized montage methods guarantee proper and efficient running of HVAC systems.

We strictly comply to all technical norms and procedures as well as recommendations prescribed by equipment producers. Finally, at the end of our labour we perform system regulation and balancing including verification of all parameters using all necessary measurements (velocity, temperature, relative humidity etc.).

During montage of systems, we incorporate worldwide renown producers of equipment such as: Systemair, Lindab, Trox, Klimaoprema and Proklima, Climatech, Rosenberg, Vortice, Siemens, Schneider Electric, Honeywell, Lg, Hitachi, Gree etc.

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